With a strong commitment to respecting and achieving the best expression of our terroir, which has a lot to offer, we have gone through a long journey to explore the most suitable varieties for El Vallecito.

We constantly perform microvinifications.

This method allows us to test different harvest dates, parcels, and agricultural and enological practices that result in elegant wines with great aromatic complexity.

Our establishment has an overall capacity of 57,000 liters.

White wines are produced using stainless steel tanks with minimum intervention in the cellar.

French Oak

To achieve a proper balance of concentration, structure, and smoothness, red wines are aged in first and second fill barrels made of French oak.

Our Team

Aside from the age old attributes of our soil and its close proximity to the sea, our wines are also a result of the work and expertise of a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to excellence and take great care of their surroundings and the environment.