Building on our entrepreneurial spirit, we began writing the history of winemaking in this region.


Pioneering in the high end wine market comes with great responsibility. Therefore, we decided to conduct a thorough analysis of samples taken on site to define where the vineyard should be planted. To aid in this process, we engaged different external consultants, like Esteban García Bouza and Tomas Hughes. Finally, it was decided that the project would be launched in El Vallecito.

We chose this location because it is surrounded by a mountain range that belongs to the Tandilia System, one of the oldest in the world. This protects our vineyard from the ocean winds that slam against the mountains and batter the vines from all sides. It is both a challenge and a blessing, as it pushes us to use protection barriers but also ensures that vines remain healthy after the rains. On the other hand, the soils in El Vallecito are as old as the mountain range and have many different features, the most noticeable of which is the amount of limestone in them.

When we were looking for a name for our winery, the landscape provided us with the answer.
This quaint spot among the mountains, named Puerta del Abra, sketches a silhouette along route 226. It showed us the way and is now part of our logo.

Bodega Puerta del Abra is a personal project of Jorge Perez Companc. In 2013, he made the decision along with his family to follow his dream of making wines with his own style while exploring a different terroir that is far away from the usual places.
Nowadays, the winery is run by a talented team who have taken an uncharted route and love being a part of an incredible project.